YouTuber who talks about crypto-money moves to Saipan to escape „totalitarian tyranny“

YouTuber who talks about crypto-money moves to Saipan to escape „totalitarian tyranny“

Vin Armani, the crypto-tuber and former star of Showtime’s „Gigolo’s,“ packed up his life and family and moved to a small Pacific island in April to ride out the pandemic and escape the „totalitarian tyranny“ he predicted was about to occur.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, the founder of CoinText said he believed there was a strong possibility that he would „disappear“ if he stayed in California, as he was „undesirable“ in the eyes of unnamed forces.

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Like several prominent Twitter members, Armani believes that the authorities are using COVID-19 as a smokescreen to impose authoritarian measures.

As things started to get weird… I started to be very public on Twitter… I started to make predictions. They all started to come true, one after another.

He took his wife and two children to Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands in early April. This was shortly before COVID-19 restrictions severely limited travel options to the area, but the

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are a Commonwealth of the United States, making it much easier for citizens to access them. Only about 52,000 people live on Saipan, but Armani was able to secure a home near the beach thanks to a friend in the cryptology community.

Citing his involvement with crypto currency as one of the factors that determined the move, Armani tweeted that his choices were between „just [being] quiet and not [saying] anything,“ or escaping to a territory: „no IRS or ICE jurisdiction. No national guard. No actual military presence. A very relaxed police force (almost no crime, no violent crime). No code enforcement department.

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Leaving the U.S. behind

The predictions Armani referred to are scattered in several of his Tweets. On March 14 he tweeted that the government was „gathering the people and „isolating“ them on the basis of biological markers to „cleanse the nation of disease.

„We didn’t do this even 100 years ago, folks. Are you really so blind that you’re going into totalitarianism again?“

More recently, Armani has been concerned about „Big Brother“ technology, which allows contact tracing, and also about the „fact“ that the government regulates the types of purchases that four million Americans can make with prepaid stimulus debit cards.


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