Bitcoin (BTC) walczy o wyższe minima po ogromnym spadku

  • Bitcoin jest notowany powyżej wsparcia na poziomie 51 000 USD.
  • Wskaźniki techniczne stały się niedźwiedzie.
  • BTC podąża za krótkoterminową opadającą linią oporu.

Cena Bitcoin (BTC) znacznie spadła od 18 kwietnia.

Od tego czasu BTC odbiła się nieco od dna i obecnie próbuje utworzyć krótkoterminowe wyższe niżej. Może to potencjalnie zainicjować ruch wzrostowy w kierunku krótkoterminowej opadającej linii oporu.

BTC odbija się od wsparcia

BTC porusza się w dół od 14 kwietnia. Spadek przyspieszył 18 kwietnia, powodując spadek do niskiego poziomu 50 931 USD.

To jednak utworzyło bardzo długi dolny knot, zatwierdzając obszar 51 000 USD jako wsparcie.

Wskaźniki techniczne stały się niedźwiedzie. MACD przekroczył negatywne terytorium, RSI przekroczył poniżej 50, a oscylator Stochastic właśnie wykonał niedźwiedzi krzyżyk.

Niemniej jednak, cena odbiła się znacząco od najniższych poziomów i próbuje utworzyć wyższy poziom.

Trend może być uważany za byczy tak długo, jak cena handluje powyżej obszaru wsparcia $51,000.

Krótkoterminowy ruch BTC

Wykres dwugodzinny pokazuje, że BTC podąża za opadającą linią oporu.

Dzieje się tak od wspomnianej wcześniej ceny all-time high z 14 kwietnia. Do tej pory trzykrotnie próbował się przełamać.

Bliższe spojrzenie pokazuje, że BTC próbuje również znaleźć wsparcie i utworzyć wyższy niższy poziom.

Wskaźniki techniczne wspierają utworzenie wyższego niżu. MACD dał byczy sygnał odwrócenia, a RSI wzrasta. Jednak nie przekroczył on jeszcze poziomu 50.

Chociaż BTC odbił się od poziomu 0,5 Fib retracement, nie było to silne. Następny obszar wsparcia jest tworzony przez poziom 0,618 Fib retracement, znajdujący się na poziomie 53 416 USD.

Aby trend mógł zostać uznany za byczy, konieczne jest przełamanie opadającej linii oporu. Spowodowałoby to również prawdopodobnie ruch MACD i RSI odpowiednio powyżej 0 i 50.


Bitcoin prawdopodobnie utworzy wyższy poziom niższy na jednym z poziomów wsparcia Fib przedstawionych powyżej.

Następnie spodziewany jest ruch w górę w kierunku opadającej linii oporu.

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PancakeSwap (CAKE) gana un 444% ya que su volumen diario de DEX supera los $ 90 millones

El volumen de DEX de PancakeSwap ha crecido un 350% en seis semanas, lo que ha provocado que su token CAKE suba un 444% y la plataforma parece encaminada a obtener ganancias aún mayores.

Lanzado en septiembre de 2020, PancakeSwap es un intercambio descentralizado (DEX) que se ejecuta en Binance Smart Chain

En lugar de permitir que sus usuarios intercambien tokens ERC-20 y ERC-721, el DEX se centra exclusivamente en Binance Chain BEP20.

Al utilizar un creador de mercado automatizado (AMM), el DEX permite intercambiar tokens sin necesidad de libros de pedidos. Esto es bastante similar a los grupos líquidos de Uniswap que están automatizados por contratos inteligentes.

Además de sus funciones tradicionales, PancakeSwap ofrece apuestas para sus proveedores de liquidez. También hay una lotería para los usuarios que tienen 10 o más CAKE y al optar por una cadena con tarifas de transacción mucho más bajas que Ethereum, PancakeSwap ofrece una solución completa para los entusiastas de las finanzas descentralizadas (DeFi).

Los proveedores de liquidez apuestan sus tokens en grupos, lo que permite al DEX ejecutar sus contratos inteligentes automatizados de creadores de mercado. A cambio, esos apostadores reciben tokens FLIP como recompensa. Estos tokens FLIP también se pueden apostar a cambio de tokens CAKE.

Las capacidades de replanteo se expanden

Lanzado por desarrolladores anónimos y gobernado por su comunidad, Pancake encontró su nicho entre los usuarios de Binance. Los usuarios pagan una tarifa de negociación del 0,2% en cada intercambio de tokens (comercio), mientras que el 0,17% vuelve a los proveedores de liquidez. El 0,03% restante se envía a la Tesorería de PancakeSwap.

A pesar de que se lanzó hace solo cinco meses en una red que es mucho más pequeña que Ethereum, PancakeSwap ya se ha convertido en el octavo DEX clasificado.

Para administrar el sistema de gobierno DEX, se creó otro token llamado SYRUP y estos solo se pueden obtener apostando tokens CAKE. Además de proporcionar derechos de voto, los tokens SYRUP también funcionan como boletos de lotería.

Según el sitio web de PancakeSwap, el 75% de los tokesn de CAKE recién acuñados se asignan a los agricultores, mientras que el 25% se asigna exclusivamente a los poseedores de JARABE.

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Bitcoin pumps to $ 38,000 – but the charts warn of a crash to $ 20K

In a sudden burst of strength, Bitcoin rose as high as $ 36,500 this morning. However, analysts are warning of a drop to $ 20K.

Previously, the benchmark cryptocurrency cut its previous gains above $ 34,000 and fell as much as 6.83 percent to trade on an intraday low of $ 31,990. BTC added over 18 percent to its rating after falling below $ 30,500 in previous sessions.

But higher selling pressures in the $ 34,000-36,000 range limited the upside and left the price in a choppy range.

Descending triangle

As it stands, Bitcoin started making a series of lower highs after hitting a record high near $ 42,000 on Jan. 8. Meanwhile, stronger buying sentiment in the $ 30,000-31,000 range served as support.

The entire trading area appeared like a descending triangle, a bearish reversal / continuation pattern viewed by professional traders.

On Friday at midnight, Bitcoin retested the upper trendline of the triangle for a breakout but failed. A pullback ensued and the price fell back – to retest the channel’s lower trendline. The chances of this continued to rise, and CryptoQuant CEO Ki-Young Ju also published a bearish on-chain signal.

The blockchain analyst noticed a spike in the so-called „Exchange Whale Ratio“, which represents the top 10 Bitcoin transactions divided by the total inflows. If the ratio stays below 85 percent, it signals a bull market.

Conversely, a value above 85 percent warns of a bearish attack.

On Friday, the Exchange Whale Ratio hit its eight-month high, leading Ju to say that „BTC could have a big red candle if the price falls.“

“It should be less than 85% for this bull run to be legitimate. Otherwise, it’s likely a bull trap, ”said Ju.

The $ 20K price target

Bitcoin’s descending triangle pattern suggests a deeper price decline as the price breaks below its support level.

Technically, an asset should fall the maximum distance between the triangle’s top and bottom trendlines after a bearish breakout. In the case of Bitcoin, the gap extends over $ 12,000, which brings the cryptocurrency below $ 20,000 in the medium term.

Nonetheless, by adjusting the lower trendline, the triangle pattern also looks like a symmetrical triangle – a bullish indicator in an uptrend.

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Former top Facebook executive sees Bitcoin at US$200,000

Former top Facebook executive sees Bitcoin at US$200,000 in the future

Chamath Palihapitiya sees the market-leading cryptocurrency as a protective shield for society.

In recent days and weeks, Bitcoin (BTC) has been on an astronomical climb, already taking it above US$40,000. This market value is well justified, as the market-leading cryptocurrency is a Bitcoin Method hedge against global uncertainty, as billionaire and investment expert Chamath Palihapitiya explains in an interview with CNBC.

In doing so, Palihapitiya, who has held senior positions at Facebook, among others, believes it is possible that Bitcoin will climb to US$200,000 in the next five to ten years. „The reason is that every time something like the crisis happens in the world, we are reminded that our governments are not as trustworthy and reliable as they used to be,“ as the venture capitalist elaborates to this effect. To this he adds:

„So just in case we actually need some kind of hedge, then we have an independent hedge available in that [in Bitcoin].“

In the wake of the Corona crisis, governments around the world have taken various measures to cushion the economic impact of the pandemic. The US, in particular, has printed and distributed massive amounts of money.

Bitcoin, meanwhile, is a currency that is not under the control of rulers and knows no national borders

Bitcoin investors can hold their assets themselves and do not need centralised institutions like banks to do so. Moreover, Bitcoin is largely independent of other financial products and markets, as a study by Fidelity demonstrated in October 2020.

„It will eventually become something much bigger, with the data already showing us that it works,“ as Palihapitiya notes. He then adds:

„Our world is not working properly, and until we figure out how to make it better, we have a protective umbrella in Bitcoin that everyone is now claiming. That’s a great thing, I never thought it would be.“

Since the beginning of 2020, more and more investors have been moving under the protective umbrella called Bitcoin, with institutional investors in particular increasingly taking a liking to the cryptocurrency. However, critics remain, including prominent entrepreneur Kevin O’Leary, who cites regulation as an insurmountable obstacle to Bitcoin.

The US Options and Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has already classified Bitcoin as a commodity, but this is unlikely to be the last word, as can be seen from the fact that the regulatory efforts of the authorities have recently become increasingly intense.

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Bitcoin surpasses $37,000, Ether reaches $1,200 for first time since 2018

ETH crossed $1,200 for the first time in three years, thanks to a 55% weekly increase

The bullish fervor surrounding Ethereum (ETH) has intensified, with the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap surpassing $1,200 for the first time in three years.

This increase was driven by a number of fundamental factors, such as Bitcoin’s parabolic rally, the impending introduction of ETH futures contracts, and the success of the DeFi sector.

Ether at $1,200

Ether peaked at $1,223.84 on Bitstamp, the highest price since January 2018. At the time of writing ETH stands at exactly $1,200, up 5% from yesterday and 55% from a week ago. Its capitalization is now $133 billion.

Should it maintain its current pace, in a few days Ether could easily cross the all-time high of $1,432.88.

Bitcoin pushes up the entire crypto market

In 2021, Bitcoin’s gravitational pull on the cryptocurrency market has intensified. The price of BTC recently surpassed $37,000 and continues to rise.

Over the past month, Bitcoin’s value has risen nearly 90 percent in the wake of growing institutional interest and a supply squeeze that limits the available supply. Ether and other digital assets have benefited from this bullish movement: in fact, it appears that institutional investors are beginning to express interest in ETH as getting their hands on BTC becomes increasingly difficult.

CME prepares to launch ETH futures

CME Group has also identified growing institutional interest in Ethereum, and has therefore announced plans to launch a new futures product based on ETH.

The CME CF Ether Reference Rate, scheduled to launch on February 8, will offer traditional traders more efficient exposure to ETH: this should significantly increase the cryptocurrency’s adoption among institutional circles.

The DeFi boom is not over

Although the DeFi craze seems to have calmed down from the highs of the summer, the ecosystem is still growing: this week, almost all major DeFi tokens achieved excellent rises, sometimes even outperforming Ether.

Since many DeFi projects were developed on Ethereum, their success tends to have a positive effect on ETH as well. According to CoinMetrics, decentralized finance could be an important catalyst for Ethereum’s growth in the long term.

The data shows a significant increase in total blocked value (TVL) in DeFi projects: there is about $21.7 billion in the ecosystem, the highest figure ever.


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Ces fausses applications cryptographiques vous voleront votre bitcoin

Le malware ElectroRAT a infecté des milliers d’utilisateurs au cours de l’année dernière à la recherche de clés cryptographiques. Voici ce que vous devez savoir.

En bref

  • Intezer Labs a découvert des logiciels malveillants dans des applications cryptocurrentielles frauduleuses.
  • Jamm, eTrade et DaoPoker étaient de fausses applications conçues pour voler les clés cryptographiques des utilisateurs.
  • Le malware „ElectroRAT“ a apparemment affecté au moins 6 500 utilisateurs à ce jour.

Des milliers d’utilisateurs de Bitcoin Profit auraient été victimes d’applications de cryptage annoncées comme légitimes, mais contenant secrètement des logiciels malveillants qui s’infiltraient dans les ordinateurs des utilisateurs et volaient des informations, notamment des clés de portefeuille de cryptocurrences.

La société de sécurité Intezer Labs a découvert et détaillé l’exploit, qu’elle a baptisé ElectroRAT, dans un rapport publié aujourd’hui. Le malware a été découvert pour la première fois en décembre, bien que les données provenant d’une pastebine utilisée par l’exploit suggèrent qu’il est dans la nature depuis au moins le 8 janvier 2020.

Cette campagne sophistiquée impliquait un trio d’applications cryptocurrentielles développées pour Windows, MacOS et Linux, appelées Jamm, eTrade (ou Kintum) et DaoPoker. Intezer décrit l’exploit comme „extrêmement intrusif“, capable d’enregistrer des clés, de télécharger et d’exécuter des fichiers, de télécharger des fichiers et de faire des captures d’écran à l’insu de l’utilisateur.
Dernières nouvelles sur Twitter

Recevez les dernières nouvelles et participez à la conversation en nous suivant sur Twitter

Dans son rapport, Intezer montre comment les applications logicielles ont été promues et distribuées via les forums de cryptoconnaissance et Twitter. Au total, en se basant sur le nombre d’utilisateurs uniques de la pastebin de l’exploit, la firme estime qu’au moins 6 500 utilisateurs ont été touchés par le malware.

Le faux logiciel a été créé à l’aide de la plateforme de création d’applications Electron et codé à partir de zéro dans le langage Go, plutôt que d’utiliser un code malveillant préétabli et disponible dans le commerce. Selon Intezer Labs, l’utilisation du langage Go a probablement permis aux créateurs de développer rapidement des versions pour plusieurs plateformes, tandis que ZDNet note que la complexité du langage rend l’analyse et la détection des logiciels malveillants plus difficiles.
L’escroquerie aux logiciels malveillants d’Electrum met à prix 32 000 dollars en Bitcoin

„Le fait d’écrire le malware à partir de zéro a également permis à la campagne de passer inaperçue pendant près d’un an en échappant à toutes les détections antivirus“, écrit Intezer Labs.

Si vous avez utilisé l’une des applications frauduleuses mentionnées ci-dessus, Intezer vous explique comment détecter les processus et effacer votre système à l’aide de son logiciel. La société suggère également de déplacer les actifs cryptographiques dans un autre portefeuille et de changer tous vos mots de passe.

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“Blockchains, the basis of the world after” – Microsoft’s strange blockchain project on Xbox

Blockchain or centralized database? – With the new euphoria starting to surround the cryptosphere, what is friendly nicknamed the “blockchain bullshit” is once again making headlines . Ernst & Young and Microsoft announce that a blockchain will allow Bitcoin Machine partners, and artists in general, to better manage their copyright contracts.

Automated copyright payments

In a press release issued this Dec. 24, the firm Ernst & Young LLP (EY) and the company Microsoft announced that they have extended the solution based on the blockchain Azure Microsoft management and collection of copyrights .

The 2 companies explain that this extended solution will reduce processing time by 99% , with near real-time copyright calculation .

The blockchain application would then be able to process 2 million transactions per day, or just over 23 transactions per second .

This update affects Microsoft’s Xbox video game industry , but also its network of artists, musicians, writers and other content creators.

During this go live, we were successful in generating the first round of partner payments using blockchain and smart contract technology. This extended solution will streamline financial and operational processes (…). We look forward to continuing to expand this solution across our entire copyright payment ecosystem, improving our processes and continuing our journey to modern finance. “

Blockchain, transparency, AI: a dangerous triad

This improvement of the Microsoft Azure solution is based in particular on the digitization of contracts for a faster creation of copyright thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

The proprietary blockchain makes it possible to manage „in full transparency“ the statements and invoices linked to copyright and to facilitate their monitoring . Benefits that make Paul Brody , Global Head of the Blockchain Sector at EY, say:

“Blockchains may well become the glue that digitizes interactions between businesses. This commissioning represents another big step on this path, by extending the level of automation and optimization of processing time throughout the process (…) ”

To conclude, remember that Microsoft’s Azure blockchain is not public, but is closely managed by Microsoft and its partners. On this kind of consortium blockchain, the counterparty risk is very real, as are the threats to privacy and respect for personal data.

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The top bitcoin news of the week

Those who include stocks or bonds from particularly ecological, social and ethical companies in their portfolio can have a targeted impact on the environment and society and at the same time take advantage of potential returns. Make your money fit for the future – with Xtrackers ESG ETFs. THINK ESG. THINK X.

Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams recently asked her 2.7 million followers on Twitter if they thought BTC was appropriate . Although the majority voted against the cryptocurrency with skepticism, some popular Bitcoin bulls gathered among its supporters. In addition to Tron boss Justin Sun, investor Mike Novogratz, Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk also gave his approval. The 49-year-old quoted the song „Toss A Coin To Your Witcher“ from the Netflix series „The Witcher“ in his comment. However, with one decisive change: he wrote Bitcoin instead of Coin. Regardless of the results of the Twitter survey, Williams reacted exactly as one would have expected from GoT-Arya: She still bought Bitcoin.

Miners can no longer pay electricity bills

Mining pools in China suffer from the limitations on their ability to make payments. The Chinese authorities have been trying to curb money laundering in the country since mid-2020. Hence, they have also taken tough measures against crypto exchanges. This has resulted in the closure or suspension of accounts, credit cards, and other payment methods from mining pools and major economic losses. Around 74 percent of the miners surveyed in the country stated that they had ceased operations for a month.

Bitcoin turnaround in Washington? US Senator makes BTC plea

Wyoming’s first female senator, Cynthia Lummis, wants to campaign for BTC . Thus, the soon-to-be senator from Wyoming is probably the highest-ranking politician to appear as an advocate for the market-leading cryptocurrency. She denies that Bitcoin would be used for tax evasion and money laundering. According to her own statements, the senator started investing in BTC seven years ago. Now it remains to be hoped for the crypto community that Lummis will be the first MP to seriously support Bitcoin.

$ 29 billion giant offers customers access to Bitcoin

Mariner Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisor with advisory assets of more than $ 29 billion, is now partnering with crypto firm Eaglebrook Advisors. They want their customers d s provide access to the most popular cryptocurrency . This means that the investment advisory service first taps into a separately managed account. In addition, your financial advisors can allocate Bitcoin to customers who want to include the leading cryptocurrency in their investment strategies. With this decision, the investment company joins the consortium of well-known companies and investors that Bitcoin has put under its spell.

PwC: Blockchain will grow GDP by $ 1.76 trillion in ten years

As the study “Time for Trust” by the auditing and consulting firm PwC recently forecast, blockchain technology will already contribute around 66 billion US dollars to global gross domestic product (GDP) in the coming year. According to the economists surveyed by PwC, it also has the potential to increase global economic output by 1.76 trillion US dollars by 2030 . This corresponds to a share of 1.4 percent of global GDP. In addition, the experts expect that the technology will be used globally by the majority of companies in the next five years.

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BTCD breekt uit, maar heeft nog steeds om weerstand op lange termijn te ontruimen.


  • BTCD is uitgebroken uit een omgekeerd hoofd- en schouderpatroon.
  • BTCD handelt tussen steun en weerstand met 62,5% en 64,2%.
  • BTCD volgt een korte termijn stijgende steunlijn en een lange termijn dalende weerstandslijn.

De Bitcoin Dominance Rate (BTCD) is uitgebroken uit een bullish reversal patroon en heeft een belangrijk horizontaal niveau teruggewonnen.

Terwijl de BTCD waarschijnlijk zal toenemen in de richting van de hieronder geschetste lange termijn dalende weerstandslijn, is een doorbraak nodig om de lange termijn trend stijgend te houden.


Op 2 september bereikte de BTCD een dieptepunt van 57,51% en begon zich te verzamelen. Daarbij creëerde het een omgekeerd hoofd- en schouderpatroon (IH&S), wat een bullish omkeersignaal is.

De snelheid brak uit op 11 oktober (rode pijl in de afbeelding hieronder) en is sindsdien toegenomen. Vandaag, brak het uit van de 62,5% gebied, die had gehandeld als weerstand, en bleef rally.

Het dichtstbijzijnde weerstandsgebied is 64,2%, terwijl het 62,5%-gebied nu waarschijnlijk als steun zal fungeren.

Ondanks het uitbreken en het herwinnen van de weerstand, is de kortere-termijngrafiek zwakker geworden. Zowel de RSI als de MACD hebben een bearish divergentie gevormd, waarbij de eerste zich ruim binnen het overboughtgebied bevindt. Bovendien heeft de koers geleid tot wat lijkt op een dubbel toppatroon, dat meestal bearish is.

Als de prijs terugkeert, zou het steun moeten vinden in de buurt van 61%, de meest recente korte termijn high van waaruit de koers uitbrak, en een stijgende steunlijn getrokken van de 14 september dieptepunten.

Lange-termijn beweging

Cryptocurrency handelaar @damskotrades schetste een Bitcoin Era-dominantiegrafiek, met een stijging tot 66%, voor een scherpe daling die uiteindelijk de koers naar 52% brengt.

De weekgrafiek sluit aan bij deze beoordeling. BTCD is bezig om boven het 62.5% gebied uit te komen en de dalende weerstandslijn te naderen die is getrokken vanaf de hoogtepunten van Aug 2019, die momenteel 66% bedraagt.

Een afwijzing van de lijn gevolgd door een daling zou passen bij het patroon van lagere hoogtes, die sinds augustus gelden.

Ondanks de vermeende doorbraak zijn de technische indicatoren nog niet bullish geworden. Terwijl zowel de MACD als de RSI toenemen, is de eerste nog niet op positief terrein gekomen en heeft de tweede nog niet bevestigd dat er boven de 50 is gegaan. Bovendien heeft de Stochastische Oscillator geen bullish cross gemaakt.

Totdat BTCD met succes boven de dalende weerstandslijn uitkomt, kunnen we daarom niet met vertrouwen stellen dat de langetermijntrend bullish is.

Tot slot, terwijl BTCD op de middellange termijn waarschijnlijk zal toenemen tot 66%, is een doorbraak van de lange termijn dalende weerstandslijn nodig om de lange termijn trend bullish te laten worden.


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5 signs that the real Bitcoin bullish run is just beginning

Bitcoin’s price fell from its multi-year high of $14,100, but there are five signs that the real bullish run is about to begin.

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) dropped substantially from its annual high of $14,149 a few days ago. However, there are five signs that the real rally is just beginning.

The increase in HODLing activity, record fundamentals, low retail interest, the greater breakout of the time frame and technical indicators suggest that a major bullish run may be in the making.
Breakdown of the upper time frame

Bitcoin has fallen more than 6% from its local high to over $14,000, a level it hasn’t tested since 2017.

Bitcoin’s Google searches are on the rise in Cuba

But in the weekly and monthly time periods, it registered a clear break. He saw the first weekly and monthly candle close above $13,000 for the first time in nearly three years.

Bitcoin’s weekly price chart.

As Cointelegraph reported earlier, the monthly graph shows that Bitcoin is well above key moving averages. Technically, that means the momentum is still intact, but a healthy setback could be beneficial.
Google Trends Social Activity and Volume Still Low

During the peak of a bull run, Google Trends activity for the keyword „Bitcoin“ soars as retail demand floods in. When market sentiment becomes euphoric, the whales tend to make profits, causing the market to decline.

BTC traders were caught off guard: 3 reasons why Bitcoin fell 2% in just 1 hour

In the last few months, despite Bitcoin’s strong rebound, Google Trends activity has been low. This indicates that not many retail investors are looking at Google’s dominant crypto currency.

Also, according to data from The Tie, Bitcoin’s monthly tweet volume in October only increased by 7.8 percent. The lack of retail interest despite the price being at multi-year highs indicates that BTC could be in an early stage of a bullish market.

Volume of tweets about Bitcoin since 2018 Source: The Tie
Technical indicators show that the rally is not overheated

According to Mayer Multiple, Bitcoin’s historical price cycles show that the current BTC rally is not overheated.

Mayer Multiple analyzes Bitcoin’s price based on its 200-day moving average, which assesses its long-term price trend. If the multiple is above 2.4, it indicates that the rally is likely to be overheated. In 2017, when BTC reached $20,000, for example, the multiple increased to about 3.8.

Currently, as of November 2, the indicator is around 1.27. This shows that the rally is not overheated or overcrowded, despite BTC’s upward trend from $3,600 to $13,350 since March.

The hash rate is still close to a record

During the fall, the northern areas of China experience the rainy season. Major mining centers that depend on hydropower can gain access to cheaper electricity, allowing them to mine Bitcoin more efficiently.

When the rainy season ended, there was a mass exodus of miners in northern China. As a result, Bitcoin’s hash rate dropped sharply in a short period.

However, the average 30-day hash rate over the past year shows that the Bitcoin hash rate is still close to its record. Currently, it’s around 132 million terahashes per second (TH/s). In January 2020, the hash rate was well below 100 million TH/s, by comparison.

HODLing activity remains strong

According to HODL waves, which have been evaluating the trend of Bitcoin holders for a long time, more and more investors are maintaining BTC for longer periods.

HODLing activity has increased since March, when the BTC price briefly fell below $3,600. Since then, investors have been accumulating BTC steadily.

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